Third grade studies Canada

Third grade NDS Grandmother, Connie McFarland, reached out to one of her sales reps from Canada after her grandaughter told her that her 3rd grade class was learning about Canada. The sales rep sent her a box of “stuff” from Canada. Mrs. McFarland came to school and shared several of those items with 3rd grade. She shared with the class some coins, stamps from Canada, and a puzzle that showed the provinces and territories of Canada. She also brought a banner with Canadian flags. She shared about the flag and the maple leaf that is the symbol on the flag, she also talked about the fact that Canada is a major producer of pure maple syrup. She taught them a few Canadian words as well: Belfoire’ = flower, Bras = arm, Toque = hat. The students enjoyed her visit and presentation. “Toques” off to involved Grandparents!!!! #ndsfamiliesrock


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