M.S. writes books

Mr Philyaw, NDS Middle School Language Arts teacher and 7th & 8th grade students were inspired to write children books after a visit from children’s author, Jonathan Miller, who wrote “Sammy the Wonder Dachshund”. He told them how he got started as a writer and the steps he took to create a book. The 8th graders wrote individual books and the 7th graders worked in pairs or groups. They had to come up with the story line on their own, illustrate the story by hand drawing the illustrations and have an author’s page on the back describing themselves. The thought behind this activity was to have the students understand who the audience of their story would be and who they were writing for. The middle school students were able to read their books to the kindergartners before Christmas break. It also gave them a chance to give back to the younger kids. The middle school students loved it, they talked all day about reading to the kindergarten classes and the way the kinders would ask questions about the book. The kindergarten students seemed to really enjoy it too.


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