Enrollment FAQ’s

Is there tuition?
No. New Dimensions: A Challenge Foundation Academy is a tuition-free public charter school.

What is a charter school?
Charter schools are innovative public schools designed to deliver cutting-edge educational programs tailored to the needs of the community and student. They are operated by an independent Board of Directors.

Charter schools are free to choose their own direction and educational emphasis in exchange for being held accountable to higher standards. In North Carolina, they are governed by the Department of Public Instruction.

Who can attend?
Any student eligible to attend a North Carolina public school may apply for enrollment at New Dimensions. We do not discriminate based on disability, race, religion, gender, ethnicity or disability. Should we have more applications than spots available in any one grade, new students for that grade will be selected by lottery.

How does a Charter School Receive Funding?
Charter schools receive public funding, but the funding does not include capital dollars to cover the cost of buildings.  New Dimensions operates on much less funding per student than traditional public schools and could not provide the excellent education they do without the generous support of individuals, businesses, and foundations.