Our Program

The New Dimensions School strives to incorporate the student, the family, and the community into our curriculum.  We encourage each child to take an active role in their learning process and in shaping the world around them.

Hands-on experiential learning is used to engage and interact with students in order to develop independent and critical thinking skills.  The goal of the school is to provide quality, cutting edge education while teaching students to love and appreciate learning.  The broader goal of the school is to prepare the children of Burke and surrounding counties for the best chance to succeed in a changing world.

We stress personal character development as well as social and community responsibility.  Each student in The New Dimensions School is expected to be a positive, contributing member of his or her class, demonstrating respect for individual differences, the environment, and the community; creating a supportive and nurturing setting where children can involve themselves fully in the learning process; and embracing individual and cultural diversity inside their classroom and in their community.