2nd grade Bugs

It’s a “buggy world” out there! 2nd graders at NDS learned about the largest classification of animals in the world, Insects! Students studied and created a 3-D model of a chosen insect to bring in and share with their classmates. Students enjoyed talking about what they learned and how they made their insect.

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Eighth grade Butterfly Project

As part of a study of Natural Selection, our eighth graders are doing a project to better understand camouflage. Camouflage is a trait that makes it very hard to see an animal in its natural habitat. Camouflage is an important part of their survival. It hides the animal from its predators while, at the same time, making the animal a sneaky predator itself. An animal that is best camouflaged in its environment has the best chance to survive, reproduce, and pass its color pattern (genes) on. The colorful patterns may be the result of genetic diversity or mutation. Students looked for a secret spot and designed a butterfly so it would blend in as much as possible.
After everyone finished, students counted the number of butterflies they could see and calculated the percentage of butterflies they were able to see and then not see. Next they engaged in conversation using the following prompts:

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NDS-CFA Mission Statement

The mission of New Dimensions: A Challenge Foundation Academy is to nurture every student, every day to develop strong character, academic excellence and good citizenship.