1st Graders Explore the Outdoors for Writing Inspiration

To encourage students to read and write, the North Carolina Reading Association sponsors the North Carolina Young Authors’ Project. Designed to be a celebration of literacy for all ages, students are encouraged to write in any genre (prose or poetry, fiction or nonfiction) and publish their writing, first at the school level, and then possibly at the council or state level. The theme for the 2016 – ­2017 Young Authors’ Project is “Step Outside: Writing About the Natural World.” ​ Young Authors are encouraged to write about their personal experiences with the natural world or investigate a natural world topic. To insure that each of our students has had personal experiences with nature that are recent and easy for them to recall, the first grade classes walked down the nature trail to the outdoor classroom. Each student had a clipboard and pencil that they could use to draw sketches or make notes as they observed the natural world. Once everyone arrived at the outdoor classroom, students were given the opportunity to brainstorm ideas and discuss observations. Upon our return to the classroom and in the following weeks, students used their ideas from the initial outdoor visit to jump start the first draft of their Young Authors’ entries. Each student has had or will have the opportunity to conference with a teacher, share their writing with classmates, and publish and submit their work to the Blue Ridge Reading Council for entry in the Young Authors’ project at the council level. We are very proud of our growing writers!

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